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Sorta Random Sunday: What If a Doctor In a Strange Alternate Universe…

Many of you will have seen my past post discussing the implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe of one of its superheroes, Doctor Strange, had disability insurance.

Here’s an entertaining refresher if needed

If you are a fan of the Marvel movies, you may also be aware that a new Marvel show recently premiered on Disney+. It is appropriately titled, “What If…”

The premise of the show is to explore alternative universes where changes in small events had major consequences on the outcomes of various characters lives.

I admit it. I’m a nerd so I really like the show.

But, I’m proud to say that I wrote the post, “What If Doctor Strange Had Disability Insurance?” well before I had any idea that this show was even being created!

Regardless, when I recently created a social media post about the Doctor Strange post, it got a lot of feedback

what if doctor strange
  • Second, my physician friend Vijay Kini, texted me a hilarious alternate universe scenario based on my post.

I couldn’t resist posting Vijay’s masterpiece. So here it is:

In an alternate universe ruled by Loki, Doctor Strange does have disability insurance.

He starts receiving monthly disability payments and immediately invests them in several two and four-plexes thereby becoming an active real estate investor.

He also starts a side gig as a utilization management reviewer who ruthlessly denies all CT scan authorization requests from The Darwinian Doctor even though they are non-contrast.

However every month he has to meet Dormamu, the attorney for the disability company. Dormamu sends him to be interviewed on Vijay and my former podcast.

After some intense questioning by the hosts on the podcast, Doctor Strange confesses that he is actually Sherlock Holmes and works for the BBC.

When subscribers hear this, the podcast becomes so famous that each episode is downloaded 100,000 times thereby displacing Joe Rogan from his top spot. Jordan and Vijay then retire from the practice of medicine.

Let’s break this down…

I love the idea that Doctor Strange protected himself with disability insurance in this alternate universe. It’s obvious in the movie that he left himself bare and was financially devastated when he became too injured to work.

I also love that he took some of his payments and invested in real estate.

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The story then takes a decidedly “Vijay” jump into the absurd. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know that Vijay is the “bad cop” in our “good cop, bad cop” routine. He asks tough questions.

In this alternative universe, he even gets Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange to admit to being another fictional TV character.

This investigative journalism blows the podcast up, making it go viral.

But this is where our paths diverge

In fact, I would not retire from the practice of medicine. My journey to financial freedom is about practicing on my terms because I want to, not because I need to. I’ve always found that I enjoy things more when I do them because I want to. Not because I have to.

However, I respect that Vijay would retire. Someday, I may feel the same way. And that is what’s beautiful about financial freedom. It gives you the freedom to do that if it’s what you want!

If you are ready for financial freedom, I’m here for you!

Start working on a financial plan, figure out your net worth, learn to invest in things like stocks and real estate, and commit to successfully managing your finances, family and career!

What do you think? Did Vijay nail this alternative universe? Or is something missing? What would happen to you in an alternative universe? Let me know in the comments below!

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