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Nima Equity

At The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, my goal is to help you navigate your financial well-being. This includes referring you to goods or services that I believe in, like access to real estate investment opportunities like Nima Equity.

To do this, many of the products and services featured here and through the site may be from our affiliates and partners. Sometimes this means that I get paid when you use their services, at no extra cost to you.

I only will ever recommend financial resources that I have personally used or have vetted extensively and would choose to use myself!

Nima Equity

Nima Equity is a Physician owned Real Estate Investment Company. They focus on Raising Private Capital from investors and help busy doctors (as well as other professionals) invest passively in large apartment complexes through Real Estate Syndications.

Their main markets are the MidWest and SouthEast US. They look for markets that are experiencing growth in population and jobs (with job diversity). Their offerings are for accredited and non accredited investors.

Nima equity

Through Nima Equity, you can invest in real estate without the hassles of being a landlord and no liabilities. 

Investing in real estate will provide diversification, passive income, rewarding returns and many tax benefits. Syndications are a great strategy to provide you and your family other sources of income and start building wealth for your future.

Nima Equity is a company led by physicians for physicians! They are also very unique education forward and you can find amazing information regarding investing in syndication via their Youtube channel!