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Contract Review

At The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, my goal is to help you navigate your financial well-being. This includes physician contract review.

To do this, many of the products and services featured here and through the site may be from our affiliates and partners. Sometimes this means that I get paid when you use their services, at no extra cost to you.

I only will ever recommend financial resources that I have personally used or have vetted extensively and would choose to use myself!

Contract Diagnostics

physician contract review

Contract Diagnostics is the only firm in the country with a 100% focus on assisting physicians in the understanding and negotiating of their employment agreements and compensation structures.  They have reviewed over 10,000 physician contracts and have been focusing their time and passion for nearly a decade in this line of work  Their proprietary system has earned nationwide accolades for being results-based and (believe it or not) fun.  Their internal compensation database provides value not seen in other firms.  Contract Diagnostics offers a wide range of review packages with varying price points.  They offer flexible, interest-free payment plans over 5-10 months for Residents and Fellows as they complete their training (packages start at only a few hundred dollars). 

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