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cityvest real estate opportunities

CityVest has quickly become the most popular and best way for Doctors to invest in top performing real estate private equity funds that are usually reserved for institutional investors.  This unique access to investing in these institutional funds is available for the first time ever through CityVest’s easy and secure online investment platform at  CityVest does the hard work of conducting due diligence and vetting the investments.  They even get a third party due diligence report that is posted on their website.  As a result of aggregating a several million dollar investment amount into their Access Funds, CityVest gains access to investing in the institutional investment AND is able to negotiate better investment terms such as a 12% preferred return.  While CityVest does charge a small fee for their service, they obtain a 4% higher pref.  That’s why they have grown so popular by thousands of physicians and other high net worth investors and have closed on over $40 million of investments.  CityVest prides itself on providing investors with better investments and higher returns.  CityVest is simply a better and smarter way to invest in real estate.  Visit CityVest at or call Alan Donenfeld at 917-747-3091.

My review of the current offering:

My review of the current offering:

CityVest’s current offering is AmRoc Access Fund which is investing into the underlying fund named AmRoc Premier Opportunity Fund.  

Here’s what CityVest did in order to bring you the AmRoc investment offering.  CityVest and its third-party due diligence firm, Buttonwood Investment Services, assessed and verified the general trustworthiness, experience and safety of the underlying investment manager.  Buttonwood has written a report that CityVest posts on their website for review by investors which covers the following areas:   

  • Current property portfolio
  • Principal experience
  • Investment Fund Governance – Auditors and Administrators
  • Manager Investment / Skin-the-Game
  • Principal Succession Planning
  • Background check/review

Why Invest in AmRoc

The AMROC due diligence checks the boxes for lower risk.  In addition, AmRoc provides excellent investment performance with the enhanced 13% pref available through CityVest.  CityVest’s website provides detailed information on the AmRoc fund linked here:

AmRoc Access Fund

On the website there is an excellent overview of the Key Considerations as to why you should investing in the AMROC Fund:

Proven Track Record. AmRoc is managed by AmRoc Premier Capital, which has achieved a 28.7% average IRR and a 2.6x Equity Multiple on over $3 billion of realized multifamily investments.
Strong Targeted Return AmRoc is targeting an annualized property level return of 18%.
Higher Negotiated Returns The Access Fund has negotiated to receive a 13% preferred return from AmRoc, as compared to an 10% preferred return for direct investors into AmRoc.
Attractive Acquisitions Completed AmRoc Premier Capital has proven that its Class B and C multifamily value-add acquisition strategy generates above average investment returns with low market risk and strong cash flow.
Experienced Investment Manager AmRoc has a highly experienced investment management team with over 100 years of combined experience with over $3 billion of real estate projects since 1995. AmRoc Premier Capital is a vertically integrated real estate property management, acquisition management, construction, real estate broker, lender and developer.
Skin-in-the-Game AmRoc Premier Capital will invest 1% of the equity in the fund up to $2.5 million.


Given the verification provided by the Buttonwood report, the solid track record and experience of the AmRoc Premier Opportunity Fund, LP investment fund manager, the enhanced 13% pref return and 18% targeted investment returns; this investment certainly checks a lot of boxes.

If you want to reach CityVest’s founder, Alan Donenfeld, he is at [email protected] or his phone number is 212-593-1600.

Disclaimer:  By way of disclosure, I have a relationship with this company, meaning I get paid for making this introduction. This review is informational in nature and not a recommendation. None of the details have been independently verified. Every investment has a degree of risk that each investor must access with their own financial advisor, accountant and attorney.  This opportunity is available only to accredited investors (income of $200K+ or investable assets of $1M+).  You must review the offering material at CityVest’s website.