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Physician Home Loans

At The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, my goal is to help you navigate your financial well-being. This includes referring you to goods or services that I believe in, like physician home loans!

To do this, many of the products and services featured here and through the site may be from our affiliates and partners. Sometimes this means that I get paid when you use their services, at no extra cost to you.

I only will ever recommend financial resources that I have personally used or have vetted extensively and would choose to use myself!

NEO Home Loans

Our mission at NEO Home Loans is to help physicians and medical professionals navigate the landmines that come with buying a home.

We have helped thousands of medical professionals not only select a mortgage strategy that works for them, but also present an attractive offer and close quickly in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

Neo home loans

Features of our Physician Mortgage Programs

  • 100% financing up to $1M
  • 95% financing up to $2M
  • 90% financing on duplex, triplex, and four-unit properties
  • Save thousands with reduced or no mortgage insurance
  • Qualify with deferred or IBR student loans
  • Close up to 90 days prior to the start of your employment contract
  • Use gifted or borrowed funds for your down payment
  • Programs available for Physicians, PA, OD, DPT, DMD, DVM, DDS, and others

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