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What If Doctor Strange Had Disability Insurance?

Stay with me here. I think this is interesting. And a question that really needs to be asked…what would happen to the world if Doctor Strange had disability insurance?

Spoilers below!

A primer for those who need it

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a huge fan of the Marvel super hero movies. I’ve seen all of them. I’ve made Selenid watch all of them (I swear she likes them!). I’m even re-watching them in chronological order with my brother (who hasn’t seen them before) and Selenid.

Anyway, Doctor Strange is a character in the Marvel universe. He’s one of the good guys.

His story goes a bit like this…

He is an egotistical neurosurgeon. Being so, he gets in a single vehicle car crash texting on his phone while driving super fast in his sports car (his first mistake, am I right?!). He injures his body and specifically hands so badly that he cannot operate. He blows through all of his money looking for miracle treatments that don’t work. Then he spends his last dollar flying to Kathmandu to seek out a spiritual healer named The Ancient One.

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He meets and trains with this Ancient One in the “mystic arts.” He is then caught up in a multidimensional war in which the world’s very existence hangs in the balance. He wins but the Ancient One dies and he takes up her mantle.

In subsequent movies he plays a big part in saving the world a bunch of other times. Yada yada yada.

How do I know that he doesn’t have disability insurance?

It seems pretty obvious to me.

He injures himself and then loses all of his money seeking miracle treatments to heal his hands so that he can operate again as a neurosurgeon.

Disability insurance would have covered his expenses while he was recovering from his injuries. So he wouldn’t run out of money.

Hence, he obviously did not have disability insurance.

doctor strange disability insurance
Who has two thumbs and needs appropriate disability coverage? This guy!

And he also was obviously not financial independent

Again, this is obvious because he nearly immediately ran out of money after his injury.

And it’s not at all surprising given that he drives a super expensive looking sports cart that I’m sure he either leased or bought with a car loan. He also is shown with just an absolutely absurd watch collection and in a very expensive penthouse NYC apartment.

Man this guy is like a caricature of the typically financially clueless and over consumed high income earner/doctor!

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The Journey Begins…

So, what would happen if Doctor Strange actually had disability insurance?

I shudder to even think about it.

What if he had disability insurance to cover his expenses while he was recovering and even beyond since he had a chronic injury and couldn’t perform his duties?

Would he still search out all of these potential miracle remedies?

Would he travel to Kathmandu?

What about his training? Would he be so persistent?

Would he have learned the superpowers needed to defeat the bad guys and save the world?

I fear that he may not have…


There’s always a but!

What if he got a great own occupation disability insurance policy?

Doctor Strange strikes me as the kind of guy that is really internally motivated as well. So even if he had his expenses covered, he would still want to fix his hands to be able to operate. So maybe he still goes on this journey…


And! Since he has an own occupation disability insurance policy, the policy will still pay him even while he is doing his superhero work since it is separate from his work as a neurosurgeon.

That’s the whole beauty of won occupation disability insurance!

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Phew…I feel better

It would be a real win-win for Doctor Strange. He gets to fight bad guys and save the world while also remaining covered under his own occupation policy.

Thank goodness in this alternate made-up universe, Doctor Strange sought the services of an independent disability insurance broker and bought a true own occupation policy to cover his expenses until he reached financial freedom.

And if it’s good enough for an Avenger to do, it’s good enough for you too!

the prudent plastic surgeon graduating to success
The course that will make you a financial superhero!

So make sure that you have appropriate coverage in the case of financial disaster! Use the following resources if you need to such insurance or would like more information:

What do you think? Do you have disability insurance? Life insurance? Are you financially independent? Do you like the Marvel movies? Let me know in the comments below!

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    8 thoughts on “What If Doctor Strange Had Disability Insurance?”

    1. I enjoyed this post very much–what a fun thought experiment. I think Dr. Strange loved being a surgeon, and would still have sought out the Ancient One, even if he wasn’t broke (which he never seemed to be in the movie–which wasn’t my favorite in the MU). Personal fulfillment is still super important, whether you need the money or not, as you probably know.

    2. Dr. Strange most definitely did not have disability insurance and in this one case it was probably a good thing for the Marvel universe ;). I would not advise that strategy for any of us living outside of the Marvel universe ? great post!!!


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