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Doctors & Dollars #20 Recap: Free Advice with the PhREI Network

You are all likely familiar by now with the PhREI network, of which I am a member. The other members include Ian Cook and Lauren Hide from Carpe Diem MD and Daniel Shin of The Darwinian Doctor. Well, Vijay was gracious enough to have all of us on the podcast as guests to talk about our mission and maybe even dole out some free advice!

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doctors and dollars free advice

We share the insider story of how each of us got started, how we joined together, and what our goals are for ourselves as well as for the primary reason that we all got involved in the physician finance arena…other doctors!

Of course, we will also share our insights regarding real estate investing for doctors wondering how they can get involved.

Each of us goes about real estate investing in a different way. I invest in small multifamily long term rentals. Ian invests in short term rentals. And Dan invests in a mix. So you will definitely get a wide range of actionable pieces of free advice from listening to this episode!

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