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Sorta Random Sunday: The Secret to Multitasking…

Here it is. Another post about a concept I picked up reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. Needless to say I’m a big fan. It’s so far one of the best books that I’ve ever read. It’s also the inspiration for today’s post. Specially, this post is about what I learned about myself and multitasking in reading the book.

And for those celebrating today, Merry Christmas!


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And I’ll share the secret tip about multitasking. Ready? Here it is…

Don’t. Do. It.

It’s really that simple. And the book does a great job discussing this is real detail.

And spoiler alert…I am working really hard to be better at this. I’m someone who used to multitask as a habit. But I see where it hindered me and I could do better.

It’s really changed the way I work…for the better.

I’ll break it down briefly

In life, we need to have focus to achieve extraordinary results. More specifically, we need one focus. Or at least one focus for each of the major pillars of out lives…whatever they may be.

Unfortunately, we live in a world with constant distractions that pull our focus.

In fact, we are so conditioned to have our focus divided that we have come to embrace multitasking as as positive trait. It’s become a badge of honor.

However, multitasking is bad

I won’t recite all of the numbers but the research has shown definitively that when we remove ourselves from a task, it takes us exponentially more time to do that same task than if we maintain focus.

We should not multitask.

We should task switch

Task switching is the process of undertaking a task, completing it, and then moving on to the next task with complete focus.

This requires prioritization of tasks. Again, we really should be focusing on the one thing we can do each day to reach out overall ONE thing (AKA overarching goal).

This is how I have been efficient

I don’t always necessarily see myself as efficient. In fact, I actually make sure to build a bunch of down time in my daily life. And I am certainly guilty of multitasking to my own detriment.

However, in reading the book, I realize that I actually am pretty good at task switching. And that is what I do for the most part. Related to this is my habit of planning out each day on the night prior. In doing so, I identify the priorities that need to get done and plan concrete time to get them done. During that time, I focus only on the task at hand and then task switch to the next according to my schedule. This also require intention.

Some days are crazy and things do not go according to plan. So I always build some leeway into my daily/weekly schedule to allow for this.

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Sometimes the simplest changes make the biggest differences!

What do you think? Do you task switch? Or are you in a habit of multitasking? How can you be more intentionally efficient? Let me know in the comments below!

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