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Sorta Random Sunday: Sam Darnold…You Deserved Better

This week for my Sorta Random Sunday post, I feel the need to address the quarterback situation of my favorite football team, the New York Jets. Many of you may or may not know that the Jets traded their young quarterback, Sam Darnold, to the Carolina Panthers a few weeks ago. They did this because they have the #2 pick in the upcoming draft and will draft a quarterback of the future.

This was a tough pill for me to swallow

I really like Sam Darnold. My son has his jersey. I think he’s a good quarterback. True, he hasn’t had a great NFL career so far. But to be fair, he’s been surrounded with just absolutely terrible talent. That’s not his fault. I’m not sure many QBs would have fared very well as the Jets quarterback.

But, on the other hand, I get it

If they kept Sam Darnold, the Jets would have to make a big decision next year and likely have to pay him a lot of money or move on with nothing. And there would be no guarantee of a high draft pick to grab a new QB next year.

By drafting a young QB in this year’s draft, the Jets get their QB on a relatively cheap 5 year rookie deal. This saves a lot of money to spend on other positions to build a (hopefully) well rounded team.

So I’m conflicted

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sorta random Sunday

But I think bottom line, this is probably a good move on both sides. The Jets get a re-do and so does Sam Darnold. He also gets to pair up with Robby Anderson, his favorite wide receiver, in Carolina which is great for both of them. He did deserve better in his time with the Jets though…

Regardless, I’ve been a Jets fan long enough to realize that whatever decision they ended up making…it’s the wrong one

Here’s to another football season…

Who is your favorite football team? Are they better than the Jets?…Odds are yes…

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