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Sorta Random Sunday: NY Jets Draft Analysis

I know, I know…two Jets related posts in back to back weeks for Sorta Random Sunday. (Here’s last week’s post if you missed it.) But I’m offering no apologies! I love the Jets and the matter of fact is that they killed the draft this past week! Even draft analysis experts gave them top grades.

And that is a very rare feat.

Most of the time, the Jets leadership team of coaches, general manager, owner, scouts etc are totally discombobulated and out of sync. It shows in how they draft. The draft is the main way to build sustainable success in the NFL. And the Jets have not drafted an offensive player that made it to the Pro Bowl since 2006. And they were offensive lineman.

Not exactly a recipe for success in the offensive driven NFL.

But now the Jets had 2 new leaders in charge of their draft…General Manager Joe Douglas and Coach Robert Saleh.

And guess what? They’re draft actually made sense! They made picks based on value and need. And their team improved.

Here’s my draft analysis…

So who did they draft?

jets draft analysis

Well, with the number 2 pick in the draft, they selected QB Zach Wilson from BYU. No one a year ago would have expected this. But his stock climbed immensely over the past year. Sure you say, don’t time the market. Well…in this instance, leave me alone! Im all in on Zach Wilson. Ultimately, this draft’s success will be totally dependent on his success or failure…

They then traded up for another top 20 pick and took an awesome offensive lineman. Protect the QB. Smart. Very non-Jets like.

In the second round, they picked up one of the best WR in the draft who had unexpectedly fallen, Elijah Moore. He led college football in yards receiving per game in the competitive SEC.

Their next pick wasn’t until the 4th round, where they got one of the most explosive RB in the draft, Michael Wilson from UNC.

They finished out the second half of the draft with 5 defensive players, 2 edge/LB, 2 CB, and 1 defensive lineman. All good value picks that fill needs and will compete to make the roster.

I’m actually pretty excited for the season…

Tired of Jets posts? Throw me a bone? It’s all I got!

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