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Sorta Random Sunday: Grading My Fantasy Football Draft

Football season starts soon and I’m pretty pumped! As you know, I love the New York Jets. So this is the first time in awhile that we’ve had legitimate hype. And I’m here for it! I also love fantasy football and recently had my draft. So, this post is all about grading my fantasy football draft and seeing how I plan to dominate my league!

Grading my fantasy football draft

So, last year I came in the middle of the pack. Not a great year as I missed the playoffs.

This meant that I drafted 6th in my 14 person league. It’s a snake draft so there was a big wait until my next pick.

Anyway, here’s my draft:

grading fantasy football draft

Anyway, I’ll offer a quick analysis of my picks

I always like to take a running back early on. But by the time my pick came around, there weren’t great options. Plus, I knew that I had Kenneth Walker as a keeper which meant I would pick him up in the 8th round despite him being a potential top running back.

There also were not a ton of wide receivers that I felt were worth a pick this high. So, I went with Travis Kelce, giving me the best tight end and also elite WR1 production from the TE spot. A win in my book.

In the next round, I must admit I was hesitant to grab a QB so early. usually I wait longer. But, thanks to encouragement from Selenid and my brother, Jason, who is also in the league, I took Pat Mahomes.

After that, I knew I needed an RB as there had been a run on them and options were dwindling. But I had Dobbins in a previous year and he looked great until an injury. So, I know it’s a bias (don’t do this when investing!) but I grabbed him.

Next, I took 3 WRs to round out. One solid veteran in Mike Evans who may be a risk with a new QB not named Brady plus two younger guys with high upside and young QBs to grow with.

My reach

After that, I reached a bit. But I think in a justifiable way. I took Zach Charbonnet, the rookie RB on the Seahawks and back up to Kenneth Walker, my keeper. News out of the Seattle camp is that Walker and Charbonnet have both been solid. Getting both on my team gave my flexibility if one got hurt or if Charbonnet started to outperform and became the starter. He wouldn’t be available by my next pick, so I took him when I could.

Then a couple Jets players and a back up QB along with the gratuitous defense and kicker even though I generally rotate these based on matchup throughout the year.

Give me a draft grade!

I don’t mean to brag but Yahoo Fantasy Sports gave me an A+ grade.

So, I’m expecting a championship this year!

What do you think? How would you grade my fantasy football draft? Any picks you really like or dislike? Let me know in the comments below!

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    4 thoughts on “Sorta Random Sunday: Grading My Fantasy Football Draft”

    1. Nice picks dude! Do you use the xrank to help with your picks? I usually utilize that as i don’t have the time to really do any research.

    2. jordan, how much time per week does it take to participate and be competitive? what has discouraged me from participating in the past is the recurring time commitment to balance the roster for bye weeks, injuries, etc?

      R^2, what is xrank?


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