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Finance Flash Go! Episode #12: Finding A Job in Medicine

This week’s Finance Flash Go! episode recap is all about finding a job in medicine. This is obviously such an important contributor and factor in your financial and overall well being. It also dovetails nicely off of my recent post on the 6 steps I took to find the perfect physician job for me!

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As I introduced before, the Finance Flash Go! podcast is a new project of mine

It is a question and answer style podcast show for financial beginners and experts alike. New episodes will air every weekday. Each 5-10 minute episode does a deep dive on an important finance topic that will help YOU grow your financial well-being. Listen to a month’s worth of episodes and you’ll be shocked at how much you learn!

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Episode Recap: Finding A Job in Medicine

Income is obviously a big part of your personal finances. And for income, you will likely get a doctor job. But how do you find the perfect job? I have a very special formula!

Ok this is a lot of fun. For a lot of you, this will be the first time that you are hitting the open market as a free agent, working on finding your first job. For others, you may be looking to improve your current situation.

Regardless, the first step is not looking at what is out there but really to look inside and create your perfect or ideal job

Too often we think of the jobs we want in terms of the jobs that we know are out there. I know that I did this. Until I saw someone who I really respected in the field who was doing their own thing and was super happy. They were still really well respected; they didn’t fall off the map because they were in a “nontraditional position.”

It made me realize that the happiest attendings I saw tended to be those that formed their ideal job in their mind and then looked for the job that best fit this description. The least happy attendings seemed to be those that just looked for the jobs that they knew about or that they felt others thought were the best or most prestigious without regard for what they actually wanted.

So, what I want you to do now is to think of your ideal job. Don’t worry about how feasible or realistic you think it is, just in a perfect world, what would your job look like? Are you clinical or research focus? How much money do you make? What types of patients do you see? How many days a week?

What are you colleagues like? How are you compensated? Salary? RVU? Profit and loss? Where is the job located?

This is the first step!

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