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Finance Flash Go! A Podcast to Create and Grow Wealth

This post is an introduction to another new podcast of mine, the Finance Flash Go podcast. In this podcast, we will provide a question and answer style show every weekday!

finance flash go

The Finance FlashGo Podcast is a podcast co-produced by me, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jordan Frey, Family Physician Dr. Neel Desai, and Psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Brana. We also want to give thanks to Atrik Patel for aiding us in content production for this amazing show.

Why Finance Flash Go?

One challenge that many people face is that they never learned the proper methods of creating and sustaining wealth.

While we all may hold different ideas of what it means to be wealthy, learning lessons about finance is a way you can help yourself, your friends, and your family. Being financially savvy may not be the answer to everything. But, it is an important aspect of leading a happier and peaceful life.

Coming from a background in medical training, there was no one throughout the process who taught us the important life skill of being financially savvy. This podcast will bring you a question and answer format where we hope to tackle important aspects of becoming more financially knowledgeable.

When Finance Flash Go?

Please enjoy the Finance Flash Go podcast! We plan to release a new episode every weekday answering important finance questions. You can access these episodes here or on any of your favorite podcast streaming services.

I will also be posting show notes from one episode every Monday here on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon!

Also, if you ever want to submit a question to our podcast, send an e-mail to [email protected]!

A brief disclaimer

We are providing knowledge and awareness around financial topics in this show. However, we are not held responsible for any financial decisions you choose to make in response to the podcast. We hope to provide accurate information in regards to money and different methods of wealth creation. But, it is always the learner’s responsibility to due their due diligence before making important financial decisions.

We hope you enjoy the show and thanks for tuning in, and if you like the podcast please subscribe, share, and leave us a review on the podcasting platform of your choice!

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