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Doctors & Dollars S3E6 Recap: Two Side Gigs, A Directorship and Real Estate – Jessica Daigle

Season 3 Episode 6 of The Doctors and Dollars podcast features Dr. Jessica Daigle.

Jessica Daigle

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Who is Dr. Daigle? Tell me more…

Dr. Jessica Daigle is a pediatrician who primarily works in a NICU. She is seven years out of training with about $200K of school loans.

She has a lot going for her with a medical directorship at her hospital, a locum side gig and plans to start an in-home care program for newborns and their moms. Also, she has just started dipping her toes into the world of retirement plans and physician personal finance. She is starting to educate herself about 529s and Kid Roth IRAs for her two children.

Her husband is a full time home builder.

Jessica has just heard about REPs and plans to research that some more. Vijay and Jessica chat about the different avenues for maximizing pretax savings.

Once again, I was unavailable and Vijay wonders if I’m performing an emergency nose job or staffing a botox party. Oh boy…

Jessica provides a breath of fresh air by virtue of being a regular, hardworking, non-celebrity doctor who is just starting on many aspects of her financial education.

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