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Doctors & Dollars S3E7 Recap: Real Estate Syndication Investor Tips – Sam Giordano

Season 3 Episode 7 of The Doctors and Dollars podcast features Dr. Sam Giordano.

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Dr. Giordano is a gastroenterologist who is 10 years out of training. He lives in New Jersey with his wife who is a cardiologist.

His recent awakening about his personal finances came in 2017 when deductions for state and local income taxes were eliminated.

He spent a year educating himself about other forms of investments above and beyond his retirement and taxable brokerage accounts.

He toyed with direct rentals as well as turnkey real estate investments.

Dr. Sam Giordano

Eventually, he settled on investing in syndicated real estate deals.

He has now put in place a well-researched technique to evaluate real estate syndications.

Since 2018, he has become an investor in 10 different syndication deals. None of them have gone full round trip yet.

The hosts and Sam get into the weeds about different forms of real estate investment with their pros, cons, frustrations and victories. 

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