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Doctors & Dollars S3E8 Recap: Nuts and Bolts of an Aesthetic Practice – Degha Fongod

Season 3 Episode 8 of The Doctors and Dollars podcast features Dr. Degha Fongod. She talks about her side gig dabbling in an aesthetic practice.

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aesthetic practice

So, who is Dr. Degha Fongod?

Dr. Degha Fongod is an internal medicine physician in Northern Virginia.

Following a brief stint as an employed physician in Louisiana, she started her own private practice.

This has now blossomed into a full cash aesthetic procedure practice with about twenty percent patients seeing her for primary care as well.

We talk about the small details of running a private practice including leasing versus buying the office building and equipment equipment, automating appointments directly from the EMR and educating her patients about pricing and collecting payments.

She has been quite successful at marketing her practice through social media and wants to teach other doctors how to do that.

She also the details of setting up and operating aesthetic procedures within an existing practice.

Being a single mother with two toddlers has not held her back from doing what she loves and what she dreams of doing.

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