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Doctors & Dollars S3E10 Recap: Three Million in ‘Side Gig’ Sales and Growing – Dr. Ali Alavi and Frunutta

Season 3 Episode 10 of The Doctors and Dollars podcast features Dr. Ali Alavi.

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Who is Dr. Alavi?

Dr. Alavi is a midcareer urologist in Southern California. After almost 2 decades in private practice, he started a company to manufacture sublingual vitamins. His ‘why’ for this project was his son who has autism. After many years of struggling with the unique nutritional and gut-brain issues faced by children with autism, Dr. Alavi decided to embark on this venture to help all those who were affected by similar issues.

Dr. Ali Alavi

He describes the monumental tasks of establishing a forty thousand square foot mostly automated manufacturing plant for vitamins, the hassles of going through FDA approval, raising funds, getting back in debt, assembling a team, marketing the product and the joy of succeeding. His ‘side gig’ has now become much larger than every other aspect of his life. The company called Frunutta now produces dozens of sublingual supplements with Three Million dollars in sales and growing. We wish him the best of luck and hope many of our listeners are inspired to do outside the box creative things like him.

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