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Doctors & Dollars S2E9 Recap: Carpe Diem with Ian Cook

By now, you likely all know my PhREI network partner, Dr. Ian Cook AKA Carpe Diem MD…

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Carpe Diem doctors and dollars

But what really makes him the Carpe Diem MD. Well, it’s a really interesting and frightening story that involves a serious career-threatening injury. As well as the huge change of perspective that usually comes with those terrifying experiences.

On this week’s Doctors & Dollars podcast, Vijay and I chat with Ian and his wife, Lauren who is also a physician about their philosophical as well as financial evolution over the past few years.

We also talk a whole bunch about short term rental real estate investing. This is something that Ian and Lauren do a ton of and do very, very successfully.

A lot of learn and a lot of fun in this great episode!

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