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Sorta Random Sunday: Who Writes My Posts?

This has come up a few times recently so I figured it would be fun to talk about it here! The question is: who writes my posts?

And let me say first that all of the questions regarding this have always come in a very amicable form. No accusations or anything like that. Just people asking how I keep up with them and get ideas, etc. Nothing malicious.

This is all fun.

who writes posts
A picture of me editing a post inside the post? How meta is that?!

Who could be writing my posts?

I mean, seriously, who writes these posts?!


I get asked this one a lot. Especially by my fantasy football friends who have decided to communicate in our group chat almost exclusively with AI generated ridiculous content.

And I’ll admit, the temptation is there. A.I. can generate in seconds what would take immense research and time for us mortals. And it comes out pretty good.

But to me that’s a pretty cheap trick and defeats the whole purpose of this thing. Plus it makes it way to impersonal. And I at least entertain myself while writing these with my half wit.

So nope. It’s not A.I.

A ghost writer

My email inbox is flooded, I mean flooded, with content writers offering to write posts for the blog. And I think the same is true for any blogger.

So, this could be a option.

But again, why would I pay someone to write this stuff? I created the blog to talk about my journey. To be authentic. And transparent. And I’m needed for that. At least I like to think…Plus it’s fun.

A ghost writer would defeat the whole purpose of this blog.

Of course, I do sometimes have guests post but those are always well labelled!



That pretty much just leaves me as the only option. And that is exactly who writes all of my blog posts. I guess this was just a fun way to reassure everyone that everything in this blog is and will continue to be straight from me. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And a little bit about my process…

Because really what I think people are getting at when they ask is how can I write a new post every day.

Well, I don’t.

I write them in stacks. Usually, once a week I will sit and write a few blog posts. I always try to stay ahead so I’m usually writing posts that won’t see the light of day for 2-3 months. That way, if I ever hit a lull for whatever reason – work, personal matters, etc – the posts can keep rolling.

And I can write a bunch for two main reasons:

1. I enjoy it

If I didn’t this would be absolute torture. That’s why podcasts exist. But for me, I love writing. I love writing about this stuff. So it’s not like work. It really is fun for me.

2. I don’t obsess over the little stuff

To me, the most important thing about this blog and any post in it is that the information is accurate, genuine, and authentic. I’m never perfect, but I try to be as close to it as I can. That’s the heart of the blog.

However, as a few people have pointed out, you will find the (maybe not so) occasional spelling error or typo. And that’s because I don’t proofread these posts excessively. If I did, that would be torture to me. And it wouldn’t be fun. And it would make me not want to make as many posts.

So I keep it simple, focus on the big stuff, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

And that’s all I got!

In the meantime, if you are looking for some fun posts on personal finance written by yours truly, here are a few!

And check out my best-selling book, Money Matters in Medicine (which I also wrote)!

What do you think? Do you like to write? Who writes your posts? Let me know in the comments below!

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