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The Most Frustrating Experience as a Blogger…But I’m Back!

It happened to me. I’ve lived it. For the past week. Yup. It has been the most frustrating experience that I can imagine for a blogger.


It all started with a good problem…

My blog reached a point where its traffic was too much to be kept on a shared server (basically a server shared with other websites). The uptick in traffic was causing the site to occasionally crash.

(This is the offending post that made traffic too high for the shared server!)

So, I called my hosting service and asked them how to fix this.

The answer?

Time for me to upgrade to a dedicated server. But no worries, the process would only take a few hours during which the blog site would be down.

Initially things went swimmingly. After a couple of hours, the migration team at my hosting company emailed me that I should call tech support to complete the final domain transfer from the shared account to the dedicated account.

So, I called. And I was told that one task was left to be completed before the final migration. But again, no worries. It would be done by the following morning.

The following morning came. But the site was still down. I called again. “Don’t worry, it will be up by the end of the day.”


Called again. Now it would take 72 hours. And it was Friday. The weekend doesn’t count. Oh boy. This just kept getting worse. As a blogger, I was horrified.

And what was this “task” that needed to be completed before the site could get back up? The billing department just had to clear my refund for the annual fee I had paid for shared hosting! Such a seemingly simple task.

So, after more phone calls and hours spent talking with tech support, managers, and billing, my site went back up.

And now, here I am, writing this post the night that the site finally went back live and before I will ultimately post it.

At this point, The Prudent Plastic Surgeon has been down for about one week.

And during that time, I’ve been able to reflect as a blogger

And the one indisputable truth is that I really love making this blog and working towards its mission. 

Selenid and I missed it a ton!

So, I am so excited to be back and really appreciate you making The Prudent Plastic Surgeon everything that it is!

So, let’s toast to more working together towards financial well-being and less server migrations!

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    5 thoughts on “The Most Frustrating Experience as a Blogger…But I’m Back!”

    1. Ouch!

      Most outages I’ve had last a few minutes and I’ve never been down for more than a few hours, and that was a one-time event — a few days is insane!

      I’ve been with BigScoots for years now and have been very happy with their service and support.

      Welcome back!



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