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Sorta Random Sunday: What Does A Plastic Surgeon Actually Do?

Here at The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, I’m going to be trying something new. Every week, I’m going to make a post called Sorta Off Topic Sunday.

What is this post going to be about?

Well, it’s going to be about anything. Honestly, anything. It will be a totally random topic that comes to my brain and I feel like writing about.

They are not going to be super long posts. Just the random musings of a young (I think) plastic surgeon living in the Northeast. Nothing too controversial or edgy.

Heck, I’d even love it if you all gave me some ideas for topics either in the comments on my blog or in my Facebook group!

plastic surgeon

And the topic for this week is…

*Drum roll pleeeeaaasseeee* (Is that too self-indulgent?)

What does a plastic surgeon actually do!

I get asked this a lot.

Or at least I get asked this a lot after I tell people that cosmetic surgery is really only about 20% of my practice currently. (This is me here)

Most people assume plastic surgery = cosmetic/aesthetic surgery. But really that is only one facet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a facet I enjoy and get great fulfillment from.

But plastic surgery encompasses reconstructive surgery as well. As plastic surgeons we operate on every part of the body in fact. We operate on skin, muscle, bone, fascia, nerve, blood vessels, even lymph vessels less than 2 millimeters in size.

In broad terms, plastic surgery includes:

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Craniofacial surgery

Each of these has a ton of subspecialties as well. For instance, I am a microsurgeon. Within microsurgery, I perform breast, head & neck, trunk, extremity and lymphedema reconstruction.

So, we do a lot of cool stuff as plastic surgeons. That’s why I went into the field!

Before I sign off, here is a list of the last 7 surgeries that I have performed:

  • Explantation of abdominal mesh and abdominal wall reconstruction
  • A radial forearm free flap for tongue reconstruction
  • Skin grafting of a leg wound
  • Closure of a breast wound
  • Bilateral muscle flaps for coverage after posterior neck fusion
  • An anterolateral thigh flap for scalp reconstruction
  • 4 lymphovenous bypasses for upper extremity lymphedema

I love what I do!

What do you love about what you do? Is there a misconception in the general public or even medicine about what you do?

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