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Sorta Random Sunday: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Kind of a moot point right now. Recent judgements and agreements will allow college athletes to receive compensation for their likeness, etc. But what do you think? Should they?

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I’ve always had a bit of trouble with this.

On the one hand, college athletes, especially the ones who would receive compensation like Division I football or basketball players, are generally getting a free education.

And that costs a lot of money.

college athletes

But, on the other hand, colleges make a ton, I mean a ton, of money from their sports programs, which are built based on the success and popularity of their players. So is it really fair that coaches and athletic directors get paid huge fat salaries based on these players? Probably not.

And what about college athletes that play tennis or swim or something else that doesn’t attract much revenue? The profitable sports theoretically support these other sports. If they lose profitability what happens?

And how will the payments work? How much and when? And for what? Non fungible tokens seem to be one way that players are anticipating they will offer a good for payments. I don’t really understand NFTs or the attraction but if people are willing to pay, then why not?

In the end, I’m really fine with college athletes making money. But I hope it does not come at the detriment of college athletics.

I don’t know if there is a right answer. What do you think?

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