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Sorta Random Sunday: Top 10 Songs for the Operating Room

As you may know, here at The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, I’m trying something new. Every week, I’m making a post called Sorta Off Topic Sunday. These posts are going to be about…well, anything. Even songs and music for the operating room.

Heck, I’d even love it if you all gave me some ideas for topics either in the comments on my blog or in my Facebook group!

operating room songs

And the topic for this week is…

My top 10 songs for the operating room!

If you are a surgeon or work in the OR, then you understand just how important music in the operating room is.

You need something with a good vibe and energy to keep things moving. But you can’t have it be too over the top.

Below is my top 10 list

There is obvious bias to the songs that I am into now and my preferred music genres. But regardless…

  1. I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) – Jamie xx, Young Thug
  2. Biking – Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Tyler, the Creator
  3. Work (R3hab Remix) – Rihanna, Drake
  4. Higher Love – Whitney Houston, Kygo
  5. WIN – Jay Rock
  6. Cuando, Cuando Es – J King y Maximan
  7. Stuntin’ On You – Tyla Yaweh, DaBaby
  8. The Thrill – Wiz Khalifa, Empire of the Sun
  9. So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast
  10. Ocean Eyes (GOLDHOUSE Remix) – Billie Eilish

Bonus Song

It’s not on my playlist but if you play Halo by Beyonce in the OR, you are guaranteed to get some love.

What songs are on your top ten list? Work in the OR, throw me song ideas!

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