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Sorta Random Sunday: Revealing My Favorite NYC Eats

Selenid, Samuel, Emery and I are back in NYC this week for the first time since we moved two years ago. With that in mind, here is our favorite NYC eats…a throwback to a question from one of our readers!

As many of you know, I did my training in New York City. This included a 6 year plastic surgery residency and a 1 year microsurgery fellowship.

For the first 4.5 years in NYC, Selenid and I lived solo while for the last 2.5 years we had either 1 or 2 kids. This means that in the last 2.5 years, we were a bit more limited financially as well as in our ability to go out and eat. But regardless of the timing, we always loved exploring NYC for some good eats.

NYC eats sorta random Sunday

So let’s get into my top 5 NYC Eats list:

  1. Fuku

Korean fried chicken from the Momofuku guys. Yes, please. They used to have a small place in the East Village that we would go to all the time. But then that closed and they opened ones more on the West side. Longer trip but well worth it.

2. Caracas

Another East Village establishment with another in Brooklyn. Another very unassuming and unpretentious place. They serve arepas, which are basically Venezuelan empanadas if I have to make a comparison. My wife is half Venezuelan and says these arepas are nearly as good as her grandma’s.

Ridiculously good, very cheap by NYC standards. And they make a heck of a Michelada.

3. China Cafe

My favorite Chinese restaurant in NYC. This one is on the Lower East Side and actually has one Michelin star. But compared to pretty much all other Michelin restaurants, it’s also unpretentious (you likely see a trend but I like casual).

The restaurant is very traditional and Sichuan inspired. Also has amazing cocktails. Prices are super reasonable. I especially recommend that you go for the lunch special.

4. Saam Bar

Another Momofuku restaurant. This one is kind of situated somewhere in between their two Michelin star restaurant (named Ko, which I’ve also ate at and is very good) and their fried chicken shop, Fuku.

A bit more expensive but awesome atmosphere and a rotating seasonal menu of inspired cuisine. They also have awesome large group format meals.

It’s moving to the South Side Seaport from the East Village.

5. Ippudo

My favorite Ramen restaurant in NYC. Long waits so be ready…

What do you think? What are you favorite NYC eats? How about in other cities?Ā Let me know!

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    1. It’s been awhile since we lived in NYC, but we used to love going to Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan Street in Soho.


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