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Sorta Random Sunday: How to Write a Great Blog Post

This week for my Sorta Random Sunday post, I’m really excited to talk about writing blog posts. The title of this post itself however makes a HUGE assumption. And that assumption is that I know how to write a great blog post. I’ll leave this up to your judgement. So I guess I’ll slow my roll just a bit and say that I’m going to share my tips for writing a blog post…

Why am I writing this post?

People often ask me about how I write my posts.

how to write a great blog post

So I thought that I would elaborate a bit here.

I think it’s also important to note here that I am fully in support of and encourage anyone interested to get started blogging, podcasting or whatever else! The worst advice that I ever got from a major player in this field was not to do it. Let me be clear…you should do it!

My post writing process

So, how do I write my posts. Here’s a break down:

Step 1:

An idea for a post pops into my head. I write the idea down on a Word document I have continuously open on my computer. Otherwise, I write it in the Notes app of my phone until I have a moment to transfer it to my computer.

Step 2:

I batch my time. So twice a week, I sit down and write posts. Sometimes if the urge strikes me, I write at other times. But generally it’s during these scheduled time.

Step 3:

I open my blog site (I use WordPress) and create a new post. I write a title.

Step 4:

I just start writing. It’s stream of consciousness. Honestly. That’s it. I don’t write an outline. I just start writing. Sometimes that post ends up in a completely different direction than I initially intended. That makes it fun!

Step 5:

I go back and review it. Maybe make some edits if needed. I add in links. Then I use the Yoast plug in to try to optimize it for SEO as much as possible.

Step 6:

I schedule the post to be published according to my posting schedule which I also keep on the same Word document. And I’m blessed to have my sister as my assistant who helps me keep up with the actual scheduling of posts!

My tips for you

Here are some of my more general tips for you if you are getting started or interested in writing some blog posts:

  • Don’t try to be perfect. The biggest issue that I see from others is that they stare at a blank page for so long because they are trying to get it perfect on the first shot. Don’t worry about this! Just start writing what comes to your head. Get into your flow. It doesn’t matter if it’s rudimentary or bad sentence structure. You can always go back.
  • Write about anything you like to talk about. It doesn’t matter the subject. If you are passionate about it, it will come through and others will be engaged.
  • Don’t worry about the length. Don’t try to be arbitrarily too short or too long. Just write til you don’t have more to say.
  • Don’t worry about how many people read it. Just keep writing. It takes time for traction. Persistence is key!

Let me know when you get started so I can follow!

And if you’re looking for some personal finance content for the day, here’s two of my favorites!

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    4 thoughts on “Sorta Random Sunday: How to Write a Great Blog Post”

    1. Love it! Just started a blog to go along with her short term rental. What do you recommend as the ideal word count per post and how frequently to post?

      • Nice! What is the website??

        I usually shoot for 1000-2000 words. In terms of frequency, I think the absolute number per week is less important than just being consistent. For example, once a week is better than a couple this week and then none for 2 weeks. Start slow and then gear up as you desire!

    2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate your honesty. I started my blog about 6 months ago. It’s been therapeutic, and I’m having some fun writing whatever comes to mind. Keep the great content coming!


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