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Finance Flash Go! Episode #34: Real Estate Syndications

On this episode of the Finance Flash Go! podcast, we are discussing real estate syndications! This is a great way to create another passive stream of income for physicians!


Passive real estate investing is any investment into real estate that you make with your money alone. You contribute no “sweat equity” to the venture.

You simply hand your money to someone else (usually a group). They use that money to invest in real estate. The most common forms of this type of real estate investing are syndications and funds.

In a syndication, you and a number of other people pool your money to buy and invest in one property. In a fund, you are contributing along with others to a large pool of money used to invest in many real estate investment properties.

If you performed your due diligence well with the passive investment that you choose, they do well and you receive a return based on the structure of your investment.

These investments can use Buy & Hold, Buy & Sell, Fix & Flip, or any other real estate strategy to turn a profit. They are all passive in this instance because you are not the one doing the work.

You will also want to make sure that you understand how your syndication is structured, meaning how the syndication will pay its investors, like you.

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