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PhREI Network Roundup 9-24-21

As the PhREI network, we decided to start a weekly roundup to share new activity from across the network. Enjoy!


Carpe Diem MD

Ian Cook of CarpeDiem MD lists and details five damn good reasons why short-term rental investing is indeed perfect for physicians! One of his biggest points is that physicians in our very nature seek to help others, and this is just another way to. There’s something to be said about the cashflow and tax savings too, though 😉

5 Reasons Short-Term Rental Investing is Perfect for Physicians

The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin of the Darwinian Doctor says that the rich get richer by having enough assets in stocks as well as real estate to take advantage of compound interest. He highlights that societal pillars like our credit system also treat the rich with partiality. Further, he discusses family assets and more!

Why the Rich Get Richer (Again)

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Investing in real estate can seem scary, right? One of the biggest reasons for that is because we can’t predict the future. But, you don’t need to! The three best ways to invest in real estate without a crystal ball: invest for the long term, invest for cash flow and become a robot (go with me here).

3 Best Ways to Invest in Real Estate Without a Crystal Ball

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    The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

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