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PhREI Network Roundup 4-20-23:

As you know, as part of the PhREI network, we decided to start a weekly roundup to share new activity from across the network. Enjoy!

phrei network

Carpe Diem MD

Ian Cook of Carpe Diem MD tells you how to choose your ideal short-term rental market. In fact, he gives a step-by-step guide detailing exactly how to do so! By the end of the seven steps, you’ll be an expert!

How to Choose Your STR Market

The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin of the Darwinian Doctor talks about the surprising news that the Financial Samurai, aka Sam Dogen, came back into the workforce after he retired a decade ago. He details why Sam Dogen is going back to work, why he had previously retired, what happened while he was retired, and relates it back to his own experience in the workforce!

A FIRE Icon Goes Back to Work

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Have you ever struggled to get your finances on track? I think everyone can answer “yes” to that question, at least at some point in their lives. That being said, I wanted to offer 7 small things doctors can do to get their finances on track!

7 Small Things Doctors Can Do to Get Their Finances on Track

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    The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

    Jordan Frey MD, a plastic surgeon in Buffalo, NY, is one of the fastest-growing physician finance bloggers in the world. See how he went from financially clueless to increasing his net worth by $1M in 1 year and how you can do the same! Feel free to send Jordan a message at [email protected].

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