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PhREI Network Roundup 4-11-24: Wealth Acceleration – Real Estate for Exponential Gains

As you know, as part of the PhREI network, we decided to start a weekly roundup to share new activity from across the network. Enjoy!

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The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin of the Darwinian Doctor is talking gains. He’ll talk about how real estate can I discuss how real estate can seriously advance your wealth by way of exponential growth, courtesy of compounded returns that can beat index funds and more. Spoiler alert: It’s better to invest in things with high returns!

Wealth Acceleration: Real Estate for Exponential Gains

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

As you know by now, Selenid and I are real estate investors. But, we don’t invest in short term rentals. Why not? Well, let me give you three reasons:

  1. Unstable regulatory environment;
  2. More turnover; and
  3. Less pride.

However, I will also give you two reasons why maybe we SHOULD invest in short term rentals!

3 Reasons I Don’t Invest in Short-Term Rentals (Plus 2 Reasons I Should)

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    The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

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