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PhREI Network Roundup 12-24-21

As you know, as part of the PhREI network, we decided to start a weekly roundup to share new activity from across the network. Enjoy!

PhREI Network

Carpe Diem MD

Ian Cook of CarpeDiem MD gives detail of using insurance versus deposit for your VRBO short-term rental property. He gives the positives and negatives of each, while stating that “the option you choose depends on how you plan to use the property, your financial goals and your tolerance for maintenance”.

Insurance vs. Deposit for Your Short-Term Rental Property (VRBO)

The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin of the Darwinian Doctor goes over marginal tax rates versus average tax rates using the example of someone who is unhappy with getting a raise because it pushes them into a higher tax bracket (but explains why they shouldn’t worry). Don’t miss it – super interesting read!

Marginal Tax Rate vs. Average Tax Rate

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

I talk about medical surveys and whether they’re worth it as a side gig! I’ll be answering these questions for you:

What are they?
How do they work?
Why do them?
And are they worth it?

Are Medical Surveys Worth It as a Side Gig?

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    The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

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