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PhREI Network Roundup 12-1-22: 3 Reasons Why I’m Grateful to be a Physician

As you know, as part of the PhREI network, we decided to start a weekly roundup to share new activity from across the network. Enjoy!

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Carpe Diem MD

Ian Cook of Carpe Diem MD explains what DSCR loans are. Furthermore, he explains why they matter when you’re trying to build a real estate portfolio. He details the benefits of DSCR loans, as well as the downsides (and more)!

What is a DSCR Loan? And Why Should You Care?

The Darwinian Doctor

Daniel Shin of the Darwinian Doctor did some reflecting on why he is grateful to be a physician. He came up with three VERY good reasons, if you ask me…

He explains in detail what each of those reasons are, and why they matter to him. Always good practice to remember what you’re grateful for!

3 Reasons Why I’m Grateful to be a Physician

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

As you more than likely know, we are currently in a high interest rate environment. How do you successfully invest in real estate in a high interest rate environment? Well, that’s a good question. And lucky for you, I have a good answer (in the form of 5 rules). No spoiler alerts!

5 Rules for Successful Real Estate Investing in a High Interest Rate Environment

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    The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

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