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My Review of Ouragins Scrubs: Threads of Comfort & Safety

I’m not a picky person. For instance, I don’t pick individual stocks. I’d much rather just buy the whole bag of them. Similar to stocks, before recently, I’d never bought individual scrubs either. I always just took whatever the hospital machine gave me. As I’ll share below this changed with Ouragins scrubs.

But don’t worry the stocks part hasn’t changed…it’s still index funds all the way for me…

I learned about this new medial/surgical scrubs company called Ouragins and became intrigued. Both because they seemed to make a nice set of scrubs, but also because of a really unique stocks sharing program that I talked about in the past.

Anyway, in this post I want to share my review of the scrubs themselves…

ouragins scrubs
This is my life…

First, an intro to Ouragins Scrubs

In their own words, Ouragins is a direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand. At its core, their goal is to bring “advanced antimicrobial infusion technologies, extremely comfortable fabric, and stylish designs to the wardrobes of healthcare professionals.”

I’ll be honest, before I tried the scrubs on, I had little to no idea what exactly this meant…

You can check out Ouragins scrubs here and even use the code PRUDENT10 for 10% off!

Again, Ouragins is also pioneering the ownership economy business model. They give its customers the opportunity to earn stocks in the company simply by shopping with the brand. You can learn more about my thoughts on the this program here.

About the Ouragins scrubs

I’m going to go over the main draw (for me) of the scrubs first before I share my personal thoughts on them as I’ve now used them at home and at work a bunch.

The main feature for Ouragins scrubs is the ThreadFusion, a proprietary copper-based infusion technology. This has been shown to be more effective and long lasting compared to traditional antimicrobial scrubs.

With how many bugs, especially resistant bugs, are in the hospital setting, this is a feature that I appreciate.

More on this…

ThreadFusion Technology

  • The issue with current scrubs:
    • Most scrubs on the market today don’t have any sort of antimicrobial protection for the wearer
    • Those that do have antimicrobial properties typically utilize a cheaper, antiquated silver coating.
    • There are two problems with this:
      • Silver is only active when wet so unless you are sweating during rounds (no thanks!), it’s not doing anything to kill the microbes that may be living on your clothing
      • Fabrics that are coated with an antimicrobial agent are much more prone to washing off in the laundry. This because they are applied at the end of the manufacturing process
  • Infusion-based technology
    • Ouragins scrubs are made with threads that are infused with billions of antimicrobial copper particles
    • This process permanently embeds the copper into your scrubs so they don’t wash off like coated treatments, spray-ons, and fabric finishes which eventually lose their efficacy
    • Ouragins scrubs are more effective, durable, and environmentally friendly over time
  • Lab testing
    • ThreadFusion has been independently tested and verified by third-party laboratories.
    • The results show that Ouragins scrubs kill 99% of germs like:
      • Klebsiella,
      • E. coli, and
      • MRSA
    • Other “antimicrobial” scrubs were only able to kill 19% of these germs making Ouragins 4x more effective

For me, this is a feature that makes a difference. Scrubs can relatively easily be made stylish or comfortable (which these are too). However, this is a functional advantage that I think can become very important.

My overall review of Ouragins scrubs

Again, before trying these I was pretty ambivalent towards scrubs. I used the ones that came in the hospital machine. And that was that.

In this sense, I think my bar for making an impression was pretty high. Because I didn’t really feel a need or problem to be solved.

However, after using the Ouragins scrubs for awhile now, I must say that I feel differently.

I’ll hit on the main parts that I like the most:


This is really important. I’m used to scratchy scrubs with holes in them. By comparison, the Ouragins scrubs feel like a dream. I have to admit I’ve even worn them around the house to lounge and play with my kids.

Definitely an added bonus when wearing them in clinic or the OR.


They are very professional for being so comfortable. My concern with custom scrubs was that they would look like a sweatsuit or jogging pants.

But these don’t. They look like very nice, professional scrubs.


This is really for you to judge but I think I look pretty good in the scrubs. And that matters, right?

For whatever it’s worth, Selenid likes them but she is a bit biased…


This seems like a small, silly thing. But I really like the way they’ve designed their pockets.

Now, mind you, I’m not an ER doctor or someone that walks around with a ton of tools in my pocket. But it’s nice to have places to put your phone and wallet so they’re not all sloshing around together in the one back pocket of your scrubs.

So this is a win for me.


Maybe safety is overstating it. But I really do like the antimicrobial technology involved as I talk about above.

The final verdict

I am now a fan. For me, I wasn’t sure that the cost of any scrubs that I actually had to buy would be worth it. That’s why I never tried any.

But, these ones are worth it to me. They are a classic intentional spend. The function and joy they bring me is much greater than the cost.

If you are looking for a pair of scrubs, you can check out Ouragins scrubs here and even use the code PRUDENT10 for 10% off!

What do you think? Are scrubs worth it? Can they be made better? Have you tried any others that are worth it? Let me know in the comments below!

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