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How to Successfully Invest in Syndications with the Multifamily Masterclass!

I am an active real estate investor. And I am writing to tell you about a Multifamily Masterclass that will teach you from A to Z in how to invest in passive real estate like syndications.


Well, at the time of writing this post (August 2021), Selenid and I directly own (and even manage) 3 rental properties with a total of 8 doors. We know a ton about direct real estate investing based on our extensive studying and our on-the-job experience. That’s why I feel so confident sharing our stories and advice to help you accelerate your wealth the same way that we have!

But, we have not yet invested “passively” in real estate. So, you might have noticed that much fewer of my posts have talked about investing in real estate via, say, syndications. That’s because I have less advice and expertise to offer at the current time.

However, many of you are more interested or open to the idea of investing “more passively” (or should I say, “more leveraged”) in real estate. So it’s important to me to share helpful information and actionable advice on this topic to help you with this. Because it is still definitely a viable and effective option to build wealth when done right.

And that’s the key!

Investing passively in real estate, like investing actively, has to be done right.

In fact, that’s why I hesitate to call it “passive” real estate investing. Even though in syndications, a “sponsor” will be running the deal and managing things on a day-to-day basis, you still have to give this sponsor money and trust them to use it wisely to make your investment worthwhile.

So there is active work that has to be done to invest successfully in passive real estate deals like syndications.

Here’s how I can help you invest successfully in syndications

One of the biggest perks of starting this blog is meeting so many amazing people. Many of these people are doctors doing extraordinary things.

Well, it just so happens that a whole lot of these people are really, really big real estate investors. And they have largely done it through syndications. And they’ve been involved in these deals on both the side of the “passive” investor and the “active” sponsor.

multifamily masterclass invest syndications

Some of these awesome people include:

  • Veena Jetti
  • Victor Mangona, MD
  • Kate Louise Mangona, MD
  • Rob Carroll
  • Cathy Caroll, MD

These people know basically everything that there is to know about real estate syndications and how to invest in them. They are the gurus. The O.G.’s. Putting their minds together would be a huge advantage for investors of any skill or experience level.

Well, that’s exactly what these people have done!

They have actually put together a whole Multifamily Masterclass with the goal and purpose of teaching passive investors to make smart passive real estate investment decisions.

And that is how I can help you to invest successfully in syndications!

One of the other big perks of this blog is that sometimes I get lucky and people like this ask me to audit their courses. This is one of those courses.

Selenid and I took this course with absolutely zero experience in passive investing and a ton of experience in active real estate investing. I’m going to save my thoughts on the course for further down in the post after I share some nuts and bolts.

But, needless to say…it was insane! (And in a good way…)

What is the Multifamily Masterclass?

This is the only course designed by active sponsors for passive investors to learn the intricacies of how to make smart passive investment decisions.

The Multifamily Masterclass creates opportunities and builds confidence for educated investors to see through the complexities and evaluate deals with confidence. Investors will understand the thought process of a deal’s sponsor, why certain decisions are made and the consequences of those decisions. Students become empowered in their investment decisions with real world and real time information from industry experts.

Along with the dozens of videos that make up the course, you will also get all our reference materials, weekly office hours with the instructors and a weekly happy hour webinar with special guest speakers. You will also have access to their closed Facebook community and their bonus course on mastering your money mindset.

It is open for enrollment only once or twice a year.

But, the next open enrollment begins soon, on September 13, 2021!

Sign up to learn more today!

What you will learn from this course:

  • The framework of a real estate syndication, from evaluating the asset to closing out the deal.
  • Legal guidelines and SEC rules around syndications to make sure you’re incompliance with regulations.
  • How to see problems and red flags in a deal to help you choose where to put your investments.
  • All the terminology involved in real estate syndications, allowing you to have informed discussions with other investors and sponsors.
  • Detailed discussions on the metrics used to evaluate a multifamily property, so you can understand why certain management choices are made.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the financials that go into a syndication, enabling you to confidently vet opportunities on your own.
multifamily masterclass invest syndications

This course will cover:

  • What is a syndication?
  • How do you and a sponsor vet a deal?
  • What is the investment structure of a syndication?
  • What goes into making a successful syndication?
  • How do you go about getting into a syndication?
  • What are the technical financials professional investors use to analyze a deal?
  • How to follow a deal’s success

But that’s not it…

In addition to learning the details of Multifamily Investing, we’re offering our students a free bonus course on creating your money mindset. To help you invest with confidence.

The Multifamily Masterclass creates opportunities and builds confidence for educated investors to see through the complexities and evaluate deals with confidence. Investors will understand the thought process of a deal’s sponsor, why certain decisions are made, and the consequences of those decisions. Students become empowered in their investment decisions with real world and real time information from industry experts.

The Multifamily Masterclass will walk you through the details of how a real estate syndication should be run. Their instructors have over $500,000,000 in multifamily assets in their own portfolios!

Sign up to learn more today!

Why you should take this course!

I just want to share my experience taking this course with Selenid because it was so great! As with all else in this blog, I will not recommend anything unless I have used it and/or better it extensively so that I can personally vouch for it.

If you want to learn more about passive real estate investing, this is the course for you.

To say the course is comprehensive is an understatement. I have experience in active investing but not in passive investing and this course took me from A to Z. And, I thought I knew a lot, but the level of detail provided by these masters is incredible. I even learned a ton that helped me as an active investor!

The modules are great but there are also live Q&A’s along with other live elements to make sure all questions are addressed.

Honestly, this is a challenging topic

But the creators do such a good job and breaking it down that it all just flows and makes sense. By the end, you have so much confidence to go and evaluate a deal and make the right decision to get your money working for you.

Basically it’s a team of super successful investors teaching you their insider knowledge…it doesn’t get any better!

So, if you would like to learn more about growing your wealth via passive real estate investing, don’t miss your opportunity to sign up before enrollment closes on September 13, 2021!

What do you think? Have you invested passively in real estate before? Do you feel confident evaluating deals? Let us know in the comments below!

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