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Sorta Random Sunday: Selenid’s Ultimate Intentional Spend

As I write this, we are nearly a month away. A month away from experiencing my wife’s ultimate intentional spend.

What is it you might ask?

Well, it’s tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, of course!

intentional spend
It’s happening…

A refresher on what an intentional spend is

Intentional spending is basically the idea that you can afford anything, but not everything. It’s the concept that spending money isn’t bad. In fact it’s encouraged. As long as you still maintain the ability to reach your financial goals and spend money on things that bring you joy.

This post sums it up really nicely and goes more in depth.

And, to be fair, this is exactly what Selenid did.

How it went down

Admittedly, I am not a big Taylor Swift fan. My musical tastes lean more this way. But Selenid is a huge Swiftie or Swifty (I’m not positive on the spelling).

So, when this new tour was announced, Selenid made sure that I understood that we were getting tickets. And I was going. And that price was a consideration. But not the main one.

And I respect that. I told Selenid a long time ago that if when the New York Jets make the Super Bowl, we are going. She indulges me by “caring” about the Jets. But is obviously not as big a fan as I am. But doing these things is more fun together so we go along with each other.

So began her quest to get tickets

And I have to give her credit. She signed up for all the pre sale opportunities as was able to get one.

Then she sat on a computer for hours when the sales opened and managed to get two tickets to the upcoming show in Pittsburgh (surprisingly, Buffalo, NY is not on the tour list!). She got them for $500 each in the 100 level.

And I can certainly tell you even before we attend that the joy she will derive is much greater than that amount of money. Despite it easily being the most money we’ve spent for a live event of some kind ever. And it will be worth it to me as well for a weekend away, the experience itself, and seeing Selenid live out something she’s always wanted to do!

There is one temptation though

The secondary market for these tickets is insane.

We could easily sell our two tickets for 3-4 times what we paid. That’s a hell of an investment! And believe me, we talked about it.

For like 2 seconds.

Because this is not about money. It’s about living and experiencing. After all, that’s exactly what an intentional spend is for.

What do you think? Do you like Taylor Swift? Do you get the obsession? I kinda don’t. So if you do, please explain it to me in the comments below!

And if all of this just made you want to “shake it off,” you can always decompress by watching my Masterclass Webinar on The 12 Steps to Financial Freedom for Physicians here!

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    1. Awesome man! Hope you guys have fun especially your wife! By the way, I wouldn’t hold my breath on those jets Super Bowl tickets!


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