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Sorta Random Sunday: Graduating to Success Re-Launch!

You may be aware, but in case you are not, the re-launch of my flagship course, Graduating to Success, is now officially open for enrollment!

But, it’s actually closing soon…

graduating to success re-launch

Technically, it is only open until tonight (11/28) at 11:59 PM EST. But…I may actually extend enrollment for 1 day more because of all the interest and positive feedback that I’ve been getting…but it’s a secret so shhhhhhhhh 😂

I really, really believe in this course

In fact, it contains the actual steps that got me out of my personal finance hole. They increased my net worth by more than 250%. But, most importantly, they improved my financial and personal well-being, helping me become a better doctor in the process!

And I’m really passionate about sharing this information to help others do the same.

Because a world of financially free doctors can improve healthcare in ways that we can’t even imagine!

So, here’s a bit about the Graduating to Success course re-launch

This course promises to help you reach your financial goals and achieve financial freedom. And it will do so no matter where you are starting out today!

Even if you are brand new to personal finance (just like I was at one point!), this is a hands-on course that guides and teaches you to thrive (not just survive!) as an attending physician – personally, professionally, and financially!

graduating to success re-launch

What’s in the course?

The course also includes a weekly Q&A for all members with me and all of the other features listed right here 👉

Currently, the course is just $999. But, I added in a sweet 25% discount that you can access right now using this link!

But don’t wait to sign up! Because enrollment ends soon. And this price will go up in the future. But you can lock in lifetime access today for just $749 by signing up here.

And the best part is, you can try it risk free with our 1-week money back guarantee!

Basically, this course is everything we wish we knew and that we should have been taught during our decades of education! 

This is what one student says:

Jordan, I just wanted to let you know I’m crushing it this year thanks to you. I’m set to have an increase in my net worth going from -$29k to over $200k by the end of the year! I just wanted to personally thank you. My life is in such a different place thanks to you

I spent hundreds of hours learning, researching, and gaining the experience to achieve the massive change in my financial well-being and accelerate my path to financial freedom… 

This course condenses all of this information in a high yield manner into 8 modules that will lead you to achieve all of your financial goals and reach financial freedom!

If you are interested in learning more or signing up before enrollment ends, just click the button below!

If you have any questions for me about the course or anything else, please e-mail me at Jordan (at) prudentplasticsurgeon (dot) com!

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