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Sorta Random Sunday: My Theory on the Evolution of Knowledge

We all go through an evolution of knowledge as we progress through our lives. But it takes places in each different aspect.

evolution of knowledge

There is an evolution of knowledge with becoming a parent, getting married, being a doctor, learning to invest, really anything…even happiness

That’s why I think that genius is at least equally made as it is born.

And this is my theory on the evolution of this knowledge…

Stage 1: You don’t know what you don’t know

Ah, this is the most blissful stage of all…but also the scariest…

You are just starting out with whatever knowledge base you are gaining. And quite simply, you don’t have enough experience to know just about anything. Including the things that you don’t know yet. You are blissfully unaware of your lack of knowledge.

Because of this, you have a false sense of security and confidence.

Haven’t we all started out learning something and looked back at how we did something that would give us so much more pause today?

That’s this stage.

Stage 2: You know what you don’t know

OK, so now you’ve gained some more experience, learned more.

And you finally realize that vast space of knowledge that you do not comprehend yet. You develop a healthy respect for the knowledge you are accumulating and the risks/downsides associated with it.

The risk at this phase is that this knowledge handcuffs your and you don’t progress due to fear or analysis paralysis.

Stage 3: You know what you know

This is the stage where most people live in most areas of knowledge in my opinion. You gathered the experience and knowledge to know and be aware of what you actually know.

You’re basically an expert in what you know and capable of handling things within that sphere of knowledge.

But there is a stage beyond this…

Stage 4: You know what you don’t know

This is the stage of masters.

Certainly not where I reside in anything at this point. But it’s always the goal.

At this stage, you have broken down your knowledge into its component parts, understanding the building blocks to a level that you can re-build and form them to fit any problem. Even those that you haven’t encountered or “don’t know yet.”

This is the final stage in the evolution of knowledge in my theory!

What do you think? How does knowledge evolve? Have you gone through these stages? In which do you currently reside? Let me know in the comments below!

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    2 thoughts on “Sorta Random Sunday: My Theory on the Evolution of Knowledge”

    1. Hi Jordan:

      Appreciate your insightful analysis of evolution of knowledge, particularly done at your youthful age, congratulations.
      May l add a stage 5, you know what they don’t know, which is the unsettling part. Since, human don’t live alone, others’ ignorance could affect your state. Should l bring up the chaos we live in this world, a clear illustration is our current affairs with COVID 19. I place it in the last stage in your series is because this concern becomes mostly relevant at the end stage of one’s life journey, what the hack will become our humanity and our planet earth when one turns back into the dust, one would never have this knowledge. Amen!


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