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Introducing the Doctors and Dollars Podcast!

I have exciting news! I have partnered with Vijay Kini of DocSupp to create a new podcast called Doctors and Dollars!

I’m planning to share podcast episodes and show notes here on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon on a weekly basis as we work through our first season!

Our first episode is really an introduction to each of us and what we would like the podcast to be/become. The format will vary with it being just the two of us at times and with guests joining us at other times. But it will always be fun! Oh yeah, and informative too.

With that, let’s get into Episode 1 of Season 1 using the link below while I also share some general notes about the podcast below!

Click here for the full episode and transcript

What is Doctors and Dollars all about?

doctors and dollars

We are about helping physicians as much as we can! So that is the goal of our podcast. We will touch on topics including career, well-being, finance, and more!

Why Should I Listen to You Two?!

Vijay and I met at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as we both happened to be creating and growing our respective blogs. From that friendship came this podcast.

But we are also kind of opposites. I’m in Buffalo and he’s in California. I’m a new attending and he is, kindly, mid-career. So you will get some very different perspectives.

And our goal is to talk about real issues facing real doctors.

Neither of us consider ourselves “experts.” And we won’t always be speaking with “experts” on our show.

Instead, we are going to talk to real physicians in all walks of life. We are going to be asking the real questions about career, lifestyle, burnout, and, yes, finances that are important to you!

This means that we are all going to learn together. No one will be talking at you. And it leaves a lot more room for having fun and spontaneous conversations!

How can I find Doctors and Dollars?

Our podcast can be found on all of the major podcast platforms including Google, Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher. You can start here to find them all!

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