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Course Review: Doctor Syndication School

I recently got an opportunity to review a course designed by fellow physician on real estate syndications. I have to say I was really impressed and so, I would like to share it with you. The course is aptly titled “Doctor Syndication School.” 

As you know, I am an active real estate investor. But, I do understand that not everyone will want to do that (although I maintain that anyone can!).

Regardless, another great option in investing passively in syndications. In simple terms, real estate syndication is a bunch of people pooling their resources and expertise together to buy a much larger property, say a 200-unit apartment building. This has the potential to give higher returns with lower risk. If you are a busy doctor who does not have a lot of extra time to spend in active real estate or if you do not want to deal with “tenants or toilets”, this may be an ideal way to diversify into real estate.

Is the course right for you?

doctor syndication school

There is a problem with syndications. Well, it’s not so much a problem I guess as it is a warning.

While real estate syndications are truly passive investments, you do have to do some work upfront. It is more than just looking at the return projections in the investment brochures. The success of your investment depends on your ability to assess the sponsors (people who put the deal together), the market and the deal itself. If you are planning on investing in real estate syndications, Doctor Syndication School is a great first step.

When you invest in a syndication, you are handing your money to the deal’s sponsors (also known as general partners). They are then in charge of your investment via how they invest that money and how they run their syndication. That’s a lot of trust!

What this means is that you can’t go into a syndication blindly. You need to understand how to do due diligence and vet the deal sponsor. You need to know the right questions to ask and what the right answers are. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

And that is where the strength of this course comes in. In a very concise, clear manner, Doctor Syndication School will teach you everything you need to know to properly understand and analyze a syndication investing opportunity. And it does this in a time-efficient manner that hits the important points without dithering on the minutia that is not as important.

You can get instant access to this course by enrolling now!

Doctor Syndication School

Course Overview

Let’s start with the course instructor. Rajkumar Venkatramani (REI DOC) is a pediatric oncologist who has himself invested passively in real estate syndications for more than 5 years.

He has invested in over 7 properties and nearly 1300 apartment units. Moreover, he is the founder of REIDOC Capital LLC, a boutique real estate investment firm that helps doctors invest in apartments.

He has solid credentials to be the instructor for this course, which I can vouch for based on my experience with the course and my many conversations with him.

Doctor Syndication School: Who is it for?

This 4-week course is geared towards those with little to no real estate investment experience.

If you are looking to invest in real estate syndication for the first time, I highly recommend taking this course before making your first investment. Even if you have invested in syndications before, you may benefit from what you learn here. 

Doctor Syndication School: Where is it?

The course is online and uses a premium learning platform called Kajabi. You can access it through your computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone.

The user interface is intuitive. You can start and stop anytime, and your course progress will be saved.

Doctor Syndication School: How does it work?

After you enroll in the course, you get instant access.

The course is organized in small bite sized lessons keeping in mind how busy doctors are. This is a self-paced course, which means you can move at your own pace. Each module is designed to be completed in one week, but you can move through the modules more quickly or slowly.

The modules are organized logically and consists of video lessons, worksheets and downloadable materials. Each module should take 2-4 hours to complete.

Doctor Syndication School: What about interactive elements?

The course does have a ton of interactive components.

You can access to a private Facebook group as part of this course. You can interact with other students or course instructor to get your questions answered. There is also lot of relevant material posted in this group.

You also get unlimited access to Raj. You can access his calendar and pick anytime that works for you to schedule a strategy or Q&A session with him. This is unique to this course, and I have not come across this in other courses. 

Each lesson has a comments section where you can see questions from other students and answers to those questions. You can also ask your questions related to the lesson here.

What will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to confidently invest in apartments. 

Module 1: Investing Goals and Power of Syndications

You’ll finish this module with a complete picture of where you need to be to retire and how to accelerate your timeline to get there. Topics covered include

  • BIG WHY: How to find your BIG WHY (I love this!)
  • How to calculate your freedom number
  • How syndication investments can get you there

Module 2: Real Estate Syndication Basics

You’ll finish this module with a complete understanding of how syndications work.

Topics covered include:

  • The structure and people involved in syndications
  • How to find passive investment opportunities
  • How to approach investment summaries and webinars

Module 3: Evaluating a Syndication Opportunity

This module gives you the tools to evaluate an apartment syndication offering

Topics covered include:

  • How to compare different deals
  • How to find your ideal market
  • How to analyze an offering

Module 4: Steps for Investing In a Syndication

You will finish this module with an action plan to start your investment journey

  • Steps involved in investing in a syndication
  • Understanding private placement memorandum and offering documents
  • What to expect after you invest in a syndication

There are 59 lessons and bonus materials. I included only the highlights above.

Any bonuses?

Multiple downloadable worksheets are included as part of the course. These can be used to evaluate investment opportunities.

You also get an e-book on passive real estate investing.

Most valuable thing from my point of view is your ability to set up individual sessions with Raj. It is important to talk to someone who is doing active syndications to gain inside knowledge of how things work.

What would I change about Doctor Syndication School?

I wish some topics were covered more in depth. That might be just me.

I already have a solid background on syndications and was curious to know more. The course does cover everything needed for passive investors and strikes an important balance.

What is the cost?

The course normally costs $999.

I have negotiated a special price of $499 for readers of my blog for a limited time. For the amount of value you receive from this course, this is a steal. Comparable courses charge many times over.

Moreover, the course comes with no questions asked money back guarantee. If the course does not meet your expectations, Raj is more than happy to refund the course fee.

What’s the verdict?

I am very happy to give my stamp of approval for this course.

I highly recommend this course if you are looking to invest in real estate syndication. The most important determinant of your success in any type of investment is your understanding and knowledge about that investment.

This course gives you all the tools to be a successful investor in real estate syndications.

Sign up for Doctor Syndication School here before the special offer expires!

Here are some additional passive real estate investing resources:

What do you think? Have you ever invested in a real estate syndication? Thinking about investing in real estate syndication? What has stopped you? What resources are you using to become a better investor? Leave a comment below!

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