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Course Review: Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals

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As you know from reading my other posts, I am a real estate investor and very excited about it. In my opinion, direct real estate investing is a wealth accelerant that fits physicians as high-income earners very well. It is now a big part of my written personal financial plan. Many have influenced my tilt towards real estate investing. But nothing has had the impact that the Semi-Retired MD course, Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals, has had.

This course had limited offerings. However, the course is open for enrollment NOW until May 28, 2024!

Is the course right for you?

From the time that I first read the Semi-Retired MD blog to the time that my wife and I signed up for their flagship course to the time that the course ended, my mindset had completely changed. And via this mindset shift, my reality changed as well. In that short time frame, I started a real estate business, bought an investment property before I even got my first attending paycheck, and plan on using real estate to achieve financial freedom.

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding my real estate strategy and plans. This course played such a large part of my real estate journey thus far. So I feel like a review is worthwhile for those of you who are real estate investors or are considering starting so you can make the decision if Zero to Freedom through Cash-Flowing Rentals is for you.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals

Course Overview

Ok, to start, a basic review of who Leti and Kenji from Semi-Retired MD are. They are a married couple who are both internists. They also have achieved financial independence using real estate investing as an investment vehicle. Specifically, they advocate for investing in cash-flowing rentals that offer cash flow (duh), equity build up, forced (not market) appreciation, and significant tax advantages.

Their strategy has worked for them and countless students, including myself.

Q: Why should you be any different?

A: You shouldn’t!

Selenid and I took the course like, well a course. We completed the modules, attended the live sessions and did the homework. And we bought a property that is now cash flowing 17%. You can do the same thing. We are not special.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: Who is it for?

This 7-week course is geared towards those with little to no real estate investment experience. Sure, more experienced investors can learn a lot from the course. In my group, there were a lot of students who already had invested and owned rental properties.

But the important thing is that you can start with absolutely no experience or knowledge. So don’t be intimidated by a lack of prior experience or knowledge.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: Where is it?

The course is online based obviously. It is on Kajabi which is a platform for online learning. I had no prior experience with Kajabi but found it pretty intuitive to use. The interface is easy to use, the videos are great quality, there are downloads that supplement each module, and you get access for the rest of your life. No issues here.

As a side note, Leti and Kenji also have a podcast. They interviewed the founder of Kajabi a few years ago and I learned a ton about entrepreneurship. One of my favorite episodes that they have done so far.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: How does it work?

After enrolling, you have access to a Pre-Course module.

This Pre-Course will introduce you to the basics of how the course will run including the use of an Accountability tracker to measure your progress. Also, there is a huge amount of background knowledge and resources available to you through videos and downloadable, interactive forms. This will help to set the foundation for when the course begins.

Then, once the course starts, you get access to a new module every week or two. Each module has a number of videos with Leti and Kenji on related topics covered in that week. There are also usually 1 to 2 interviews with pertinent real estate professionals (mortgage brokers, insurance agents, etc) relevant to the topics discussed in the module.

There is also homework with each module. I know what you’re thinking, wasn’t I done with homework like 20 years ago?

Two of the main tenants of the course are accountability and action

The homework forces you to take your knowledge and translate it into action. And then you record it into the Accountability tracker with every other student in the course. I know all of you doctors are competitive. This will get those juices flowing (in a friendly way of course).

In general, my wife and I spent about 2-4 hours each week on the course itself. We did it with full time jobs and 2 kids under 2. You can definitely find time to do it.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: What about interactive elements?

The course does have a ton of interactive components.

For one, there is a Facebook group for only those in that particular iteration of the course. So you have this large group of cohorts to ask questions, get answers, and, yes, stay accountable to. I thought I would not like this component as I had never been in a Facebook group, let alone one like this. But I found it super helpful.

Second, baked into the course schedule, there are a ton of Q&A sessions with Leti and Kenji. I thought that these Q&A’s were pretty good. They last a couple hours so they were on the longer side but, even though I often felt like I didn’t have any particular questions, there were always at least 1-2 nuggets that I took away from it that impacted my approach.

Last, a number of coaching sessions with a few different physician coaches were included. I felt that these didn’t help me personally as much as the Q&A’s but they still were a net positive on the overall course. If nothing else, it helps to see how others in the group are faring.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: What will I learn?

Soup to nuts. I never quite got that expression. But suffice it to say, you will learn everything you need to go from knowing nothing to buying a cash-flowing rental property that increases your net worth and put money in your pocket.

That’s what my wife and I did. So you definitely can to.

More specifically, you will learn:

zero to freedom
Our “why” to achieve financial freedom. What is yours?
  • How to choose your market
  • Defining your “why”
  • Creating a healthy mindset
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Core Acquisition Strategy
  • Finding an investor real estate agent
  • How to screen properties
  • How to find deals on your own
  • Locking up a property
  • Next level property evaluation with the cash-on-cash calculator
  • Building your real estate team
  • Tapping into hidden value to force appreciation
  • Asset protection
  • Tax advantages of real estate including Real Estate Tax Professional Status

The above is just a partial list, there is truly too much to put it all here!

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: Any bonuses?

It’s not really a bonus because it’s included in the course but Leti and Kenji have so many contacts in real estate from their experience that they are willing to share with their students.

They will set you up with investor real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, asset protection companies, and more!

My wife and I ended up using a mortgage broker that we were introduced to during the course.

But there is a real bonus too as if more was needed!

After the course ends, you get 60 days free access to their subscription community, Empire Builders. This includes access to more advanced course-like content on the Kajabi platform as well as to the community Facebook group.

We finished the free trial period and decided not to continue. But my wife and I definitely ate up the content and interaction while we were able to.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: Anything that I would change?

The one main thing that I wish could be changed is the timing of module releases within the course.

Most modules are released on a weekly basis. However, a few have an extra week in between to allow students time to work on more time-consuming homework tasks. I totally get this.

However, my wife and I were a little further along in the process of buying. rental property that what was being covered at that time in the course. If we could have accessed future modules sooner, it would have helped us.

Otherwise, I got nothin’.

I have heard and seen other students complain that there was too much focus on mindset in the course. I didn’t feel that way and actually found the mindset piece to be extremely helpful.

But the bottom line is that while mindset is an overarching theme, the majority of the course is filled with actionable knowledge and steps to get sh*t done.

The course presented material in a comprehensive, yet digestible manner that not only encouraged, but basically forced, action and accountability. If you commit yourself to your goals and to this course, you will be successful.

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: What is the cost?

The course costs $4999.

The cost seemed steep to me at first as I had just graduated training.


  • It is way less than many other real estate courses
  • There is a 3 week no questions asked money back policy, and
  • This one trumps any and all other reasons: this price tag is so minuscule compared to how much money you will make from the knowledge that you learn here

Zero to Freedom Through Cash-Flowing Rentals: What’s the verdict?

It’s obvious by now that I cannot recommend this course any higher to anyone investing or thinking about investing in real estate.

I would never make a recommendation unless I truly believed in it and this is one that I make wholeheartedly. My wife, Selenid, and I are very grateful to Kenji and Leti for sharing their experience and expertise with us.

Without finding Semi-Retired MD, we would not have become real estate investors. Without this course, we likely would have still invested in real estate but I can guarantee we would not be as successful at it and we definitely would not already have bought a rental property.

Invest in yourself!

Sign up for Zero to Freedom Through Cash Flowing Rentals here before May 28!

And, to make it even sweeter, anyone buying Leti & Kenji’s course will receive access to my course, Graduating to Success for FREE!

zero to freedom through cash flowing rentals
Sign up for the waitlist for Zero to Freedom Through Cash Flowing Rentals here.

So, if you think you are interested, there is no downside to enrolling or joining the waitlist for free here. There is a money back guarantee so it’s all reward plus some nice bonuses!

What do you think? Have you ever invested in real estate? Thinking about investing in real estate? What has stopped you? What resources are you using to become a better investor? Leave a comment below!

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