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Sorta Random Sunday: The Agony of Aaron Rodgers’ Injury

Being a Jets fan is tough. Since 1969 when we last won the Super Bowl, it’s been tough break after tough break. And the latest stung more than usually to be honest. And that tough break was Aaron Rodgers injury in their first game of the 2023 season

Setting the stage

Hype around the Jets was at an all time high. And for once, it was for good reason. They had a very promising young team in 2022. And the missing ingredient seemed to be good quarterback plan as second year draft pick Zach Wilson struggled.

So, in the offseason, they traded for a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. There was some concern over how he would gel with a new team after spending his entire career in Green Bay. But gel he did. He really bought in and had the Jets trending as Super Bowl contenders…legitimately.

I was excited. But in the back of my head, there was always some concern. Because this is the Jets…

Fast forward to Week 1

It’s the Jets first game of the year. Monday Night Football. Against my hometown team and hated Jets rival, the Buffalo Bills.

First drive off the year. 4th play of the year. Aaron Rodgers drops back for a planned quick slant throw. But the window is closed and he holds the ball looking for a secondary option. He holds it just too long and is sacked. In being taken down, his left foot is forcibly dorsiflexed.

He tears his Achilles. 4 plays into the year. Reminiscent of Vinny Testaverde tearing his Achilles in game 1 of the 1999 when the Jets were also Super Bowl favorites.

Aaron Rodgers injury
His only highlight of the 2023 season…

The 5 stages of grief for me as a Jets fan after the Aaron Rodgers injury

It all played out so quick…


The injury looked bad. Real bad. He stood up afterwards and tried to walk but couldn’t. He sat down with a stare of disbelief. And he knew exactly what happened. Into the blue injury tent he went followed by a cart ride to the locker room. All gloomy signs.

But I would not believe it. I held out hope above hope that this was just an ankle sprain.

He would be back…


Seriously! What the actual f*ck! How can this stuff keep happening to the Jets?

It just doesn’t seem possible. We finally have a great team and he is the lynch pin. So of course he has a freak injury 4 plays into the year!


Ok, if it’s just a high ankle sprain we can get through the season. Zach Wilson is capable enough to guide us through a few games.

They can just shoot up his ankle and he’ll be back. It’s the end of his career anyway so who cares if the ankle gets screwed up or needs surgery somewhere down the line.

That’s a sacrifice we’ll all take on Aaron’s behalf…


Welp, it’s just another year as a Jets fan. Why do I even care? What’s the point? Why do I pay attention to a bunch of grown men playing a game for millions of dollars?

You know what I actually don’t care.

But if I did, why me? Why Jets fans?


After an exhilarating and somewhat miraculous Jets win, coach Robert Saleh gets on the podium and announces that Aaron Rodgers has an Achilles injury and “it doesn’t look good.” ESPN also plays a close up replay of the injury where you can very clearly see the Achilles snap and retract.

It happened. This is reality. And it sucks.

But, you know what? The Jets actually played pretty well. Zach Wilson was competent and looks to have new-found confidence. The defense and special teams were dominant. Garrett Wilson is a beast.We can still have a fun and successful year!

My final status

Delusional? Maybe. Excited? Yes.

Such is the life of a Jets fan!

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What do you think? How devastating was Aaron Rodgers’ injury? Can Zach Wilson carry the team? Let me know in the comments below. I need hope!

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