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Optimizing Your Investments Webinar with Brett Janis CFA

Do you want to improve your personal approach to investing and planning? Are you clear on your goals and options? Do you have a robust strategy to solve for future risks? This webinar will focus on optimizing your investments.

Sound investing, analogous to maintaining good health, is a continuous process that must be nurtured and strengthened. In this webinar, we discuss:

1) Key tools to develop a consistent savings plan geared to circumstances, and
2) Robust strategies to generating strong after-tax investment performance over many market cycles, including per today’s conditions.

We also dispel myths, cut through noise, offer specifics insights, and answer questions.

This group webinar is for individuals seeking to improve their approach to financial planning and investments. We welcomed a spectrum of physicians, from those starting their journeys to others seeking improved security in retirement. While core concepts are generally applicable, we focus circumstances and challenges most germane to doctors at each career stage.

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Optimizing your investments webinar