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How to Become a Medical Expert Witness with Dr. Gretchen Green

There are a lot of great side gigs out there for doctors. Many of which I talk about here and utilize myself. Yet one that I have not yet pursued is medical expert witness work. However, it has always been interesting to me and something I want to learn more about.

I spoke with Dr. Gretchen Green, a radiologist in North Carolina, about physician expert witness work. She has become somewhat of an “expert” in this field, accruing a ton of experience working as a physician expert witness. So I reached out and gained a ton of useful information.

It turns out she also created the Expert Witness Startup School. This is a comprehensive online course to teach physicians to get started and build up a 6 figure income with expert witness work. And it is even open for enrollment right now until January 29, 2024!

Here is a recording of our conversation!