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Masterclass Webinar: 12 Steps to Financial Freedom for Physicians

Learn from a real full-time physician on the accelerated journey to financial freedom

A breakdown of Jordan’s assets with his hybrid approach
masterclass webinar
Jordan improved his net worth from -$-400K to $+400K in 14 months!

I went from financially clueless to successfully managing all of my finances

At the end of my 7 years of training in NYC, I realized that I was burned out. I was at risk of losing my love and passion for medicine. 

There were a lot of reasons for this, but 2 big ones were:

1. I was so focused on what I “needed” to do and what others thought I should do that I had spent no time thinking about what I wanted!

2. I was financially clueless, in >$500K debt, and without any concept of how to set a financial foundation.

I then dedicated ourselves to our well-being and our financial education.

The results have been stunning!

In less than 1 year, we:

  • Created our own financial plan
  • Learned to invest in a stress-free and safe manner
  • Were managing ALL of our own finances
  • Invested in multiple real estate properties that put cash in our pocket every month, and
  • Increased our net worth by nearly $1,000,000!

Most importantly, we found that our overall well-being improved dramatically and I rediscovered my passion for medicine!

I spent hundreds of hours learning, researching, and gaining the experience to do all of this. 

Jordan’s Course is an MBA for Physicians in 8 Easy to Learn Video Modules

“Jordan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal finance. He is efficient, patient, and made financial concepts easy to understand when answering questions. When discussing financial goals he is attentive, trustworthy, and genuine.”

– Daniel C., Resident Dentist
prudent plastic surgeon

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Growing a Healthy Mindset
  • Module 2: Finding the Perfect Job
  • Module 3: Protecting Your Future
  • Module 4: Setting the Foundation for Financial Success
  • Module 5: Investing Your Money 101 (And Beyond)
  • Module 6: Advanced Strategies for Financial Freedom
  • Module 7: Buy vs. Rent your First Home
  • Bonus Module! Real Estate Investing for Physicians

Financial coaching with Jordan is like watching that dude on youtube who beat Super Mario Bros in 5 min. He shows you how it can be done, i.e. meeting your financial goals, as quickly, succinctly, and efficiently as possible. But unlike that dude, he is going through this financial journey with you in real time, bonding with you unlike any other coach because it’s a journey you take together.

– Rikki R., Attending Neurologist

If you have a question for Jordan about the course or anything else, e-mail him at Jordan (at) prudentplasticsurgeon (dot) com!