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Learning to Invest in Real Estate with BV Capital

There’s no sugar coating it. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to investing in real estate. 

However, the issue is not that these nuances cannot be learned and optimized by physician investors. It’s that they often seem intimidating so we don’t even start learning. That was the biggest barrier that I had to clear before investing in real estate. 

Moreover, I’m a big believer in gathering as many expert perspectives as possible to learn as much as we can and become the best investors possible to set our course to financial freedom. 

That’s why I invited Rob Anderson, president of BV Capital, to join me fora webinar to cover a ton of topics in real estate investing including: asset classes available, 1031 exchanges Roth conversions, analyzing the market, and more!

If you are a current or future physician real estate investor or just interested in learning more, this is a really fantastic discussion to check out!