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Sorta Random Sunday: Shoveling on My Own Terms

This past week, it snowed a LOT in Buffalo. This should come as a surprise to no one. I should also say that I really love snow. To me, it makes winter worth it. Cold without snow is useless. But snow with cold, I’m good with that. Anyway, one things I don’t like about snow though is shoveling.


Really any kind of shoveling is a bummer for me

Just don’t like to do it. Even just cleaning off my car.

Most of my life, I had to do these things…clean massive amounts of snow off my car and shovel to get my car out and go. Usually this happens early in the morning or after work. Basically the times when you least want to be doing this.

But now, I basically never have to shovel. We have a garage to park out cars at home. I also park in an enclosed parking structure at work. So no need for cleaning snow off the car.

And, it was a very each and intentional decision for Selenid and I to hire a snow plow service for our driveway. That was, I don’t need to shovel. I can enjoy snow without worrying about this!

But, last week, I did find myself shoveling

And you know what? I loved it!

And the reason that I loved it is actually really simple. It’s because I was shoveling because I wanted to!

My kids, Samuel and Emery, were obsessed with going out to play in the snow. Which is really the best and only purpose for snow. And they wanted to make a hill of snow to climb and basically just belly flop off of.

So, I got the shovel and started creating this hill. And it was awesome. But about half way through I stopped and chuckled to myself realizing that I was doing the thing that I usually hated. And I was loving it. Then I realized why. Again, I was doing it on my terms because I wanted to.

Now, because I am on this FIRE journey, I can’t help but see nearly everything with that lens now

But the similarities struck me almost immediately.

So many physicians and really all professionals complain about their jobs. And say they hate working. But imagine now a circumstance where you are working because you want to, not because you have to. I bet most of you would all of a sudden love working and what you do.

That’s the power of financial freedom. Just that simple mindset change can make such a difference.

For me, it has happened even before reaching financial freedom. Just knowing that I have a simple plan that will get me there if I keep following it, gives me such peace of mind and joy to practice medicine and live life on my terms.

Here are my favorite posts discussing some of the simple habits to get and stay on track in your FIRE journey:

What do you think? Do you hate shoveling? Does it have anything to do with FIRE? Let me know in the comments below!

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